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Fir Tree School

Fir Tree School

Reception - Elm

Welcome to Reception - Elm Class 

Welcome to Elm Class with Miss Hayter. There are also three teaching assistants in Elm Class, Miss Bell, Miss Bragington and Miss Eblowska. Please note on a Tuesday and Friday I will not be in class as this is my management and paperwork time. Mrs Chivers will cover me on a Tuesday and Miss Bell on a Friday. If you need to relay any information please speak to a member of the Foundation Team and they will pass this on to me.

Miss Hayter
Miss Hayter


The children will have PE on a Friday morning with Mr Nobes. Children should have a named PE kit on their peg all week including a pair of PE shoes. Please ensure every item of clothing is labelled with your child’s name on. Please try to encourage your child to dress and undress independently at home as this will help them be prepared for when they will do this at school.

EYFS Curriculum

Please look at the attachments labelled ‘EYFS Curriculum’ and ‘How we learn – In the Moment Planning’ this will explain how your child will learn and develop during their time in Elm Class.

Topic Map and Timetable

As we are using ‘In the Moment Planning’ we do not follow a specific topic each term, instead we will be following children’s interests and focussing on particular skills for development. Please view this attachment.

Please view our class timetable, this will show you how your child’s day will be structured at school.


In Elm Class the children take part in daily phonic sessions. The children learn phonemes through using Jolly Phonics as an aid. Please view the clips below to help you articulate the phonemes correctly with your child. Each week a slip will be stuck into your child’s reading record which will tell you which skills/phonemes your child has been learning in class.





You will be expected to support your child with their reading. Ideally you should read with your child for ten minutes every day and sign their reading record when they have read. We will change your child’s book once we know it has been read. Each child will take part in guided reading and shared reading at school. We will not read on a one to one basis with the children until they are on a school reading book with words. Initially children are given story books from the book corner for a parent/carer to read to them until each child has enough phonetic awareness to be given their own school reading book with words. Please ask your child questions about the story you are reading as this will help with their understanding.  Please view the reading leaflet for some interesting facts and handy reading tips.

Home Activity Packs

Every Friday ‘Home Activity Packs’ are available to take home. These are practical activities for you to complete with your child at home. A member of Foundation will be under the shelter with the packs. You may choose a pack with your child to take home until the following Wednesday. Please think about what your child can already do and what they may need to work on, this will help you choose a suitable pack.

Wow Slips

Wow slips will be sent home regularly. This is your opportunity to let school know about anything wonderful your child has achieved or done at home. We celebrate these slips in class and put them on display before sticking them into your child’s learning journey.

Focus Children

Once every long term your child will be a focus child for the week. We will be observing them closely while they play to find out about their interests and how they are progressing.  We send a sheet home for parents/carers to fill in as we value the knowledge and understanding you have of your child. This helps us to plan for your child’s future learning and development. We also ask that you send in recent photographs of your child enjoying activities outside of school.

School Dinners

School dinners are free for Reception children. If your child is having a school dinner please get them to tick off their dinner choice. This will be placed on the easel outside each morning.

I look forward to teaching your child and working in partnership with you this year.

Miss Hayter