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Fir Tree School

Fir Tree School


The week beginning the 1st October 2018 was STEM Week at Fir Tree Primary!! The objective of this week was to get the children to be more engaged and enthusiastic about STEM activities; providing them with a WOW moment!!

By creating these moments, we hope to ignite a spark in the next generation of Engineers & Scientists.

The topic for each class was ‘Bridging the Gap’.

KS1: Had to create a bridge that will support the weight of a bear across a 20cm gap using whatever materials you can use.

KS2: Had to create a bridge that can support the weight of a food can. Over a 50cm gap using only plastic straws, tape, string and elastic bands

STEM Activities took plac during the afternoons and the children were so enthused!! They all worked through various tasks and then finally came to the making stage!

The week ended with Key Stage competitions during the Friday afternoon assembly with 1 entry per class. They will be judged by a member of staff from Trinity. Testing the bridges were tense. Every bridge entered was fantastic – so we definitely have budding engineers in the making at Fir Tree.

It was a tie in KS1, but Year 3 were the winners of KS2. Year 3 have won a Science lesson up at Trinity and KS1’s prize will be confirmed later this term.

Well done to all the children and staff for a successful week!