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Times Tables - 99 Club

The 99 Club is a mental-oral starter at Fir Tree Primary School which aims to raise standards in maths through encouraging pupils to improve their mental calculations when attempting quick-fire multiplication and division problems.

The idea is that with repeated practice, the scheme should result in increased speed and confidence when tackling mental maths problems without relying on written workings and methods.

All pupils will begin at the 11 Club and work their way up, having one opportunity per week during the start of one of their maths lessons to answer all calculations at their current level unaided and within the allotted time of five minutes.

If all of the calculations are answered correctly three times in a row, the child moves up to the next level!

The initial 11 Club involves eleven problems which involve doubling numbers up to ten ie. 5+5, 8+8. The 22 Club then adds eleven further questions involving repeated addition for numbers from one to ten ie. 3+3+3+3, 5+5+5+5+5, while the 33 Club begins to introduce times tables.

Division facts are added by the time a pupil reaches the 77 Club, and in the 88 Club and 99 Club, pupils will be tackling a range of mixed multiplication and division problems. 

The full breakdown of The 99 Club levels is as follows:


11 Club - 11 questions involving doubling numbers from one to ten


22 Club - 22 questions involving repeated addition of numbers from one to ten


33 Club - 33 questions introducing the 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x tables


44 Club - 44 questions adding the 1x, 4x and 6x tables


55 Club - 55 questions adding the 7x and 8x tables


66 Club - 66 questions adding the 9x, 11x and 12x tables


77 Club - 77 questions consisting of inverse division facts


88 Club - 88 questions of mixed multiplication and division facts


99 Club - 99 questions of mixed multiplication and division facts


The ultimate challenge is to complete all 99 questions of the 99 Club unaided, with no errors and within two minutes!



The 99 Club is not designed for the Foundation Stage and Year 1 , but if staff feel that children are ready to attempt it, they will be given the opportunity to enter the 11 Club!  


Children in the Foundation Stage and Year 1  will be on Maths passports which will encourage children's place value knowledge to be secure ready for the 11 club challenge!


Good luck, and keep practising! 



      11 Club                                                                                        11 Club Answers

      22 Club                                                                                        22 Club Answers

      33 Club                                                                                        33 Club Answers

      44 Club                                                                                        44 Club Answers

      55 Club                                                                                        55 Club Answers

      66 Club                                                                                        66 Club Answers

      77 Club                                                                                        77 Club Answers

      88 Club                                                                                        88 Club Answers

      99 Club                                                                                        99 Club Answers