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Fir Tree School

Fir Tree School

Year 5 – Rowan

Welcome to Year Five - Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan Class! This year your children will have Mr Rose on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday & Mrs Whitford on Monday & Friday. We are also extremely lucky to have Miss Fowler & Mrs Wilson working with us.  We are all really excited to be working with Year 5 – they are of course the best class in the school!  At least they certainly have the potential to be so.

Mrs Hyde

The children will have literacy and maths lessons every day and then will have a mix of History, Geography, Science, Art & DT, Music, RE, JIGSAW (hopefully they will be able to explain to you soon what that is!) and of course PE, throughout the week
There are lots of new things this year.  For example, each week we will have a class target that they have to work hard to meet in order to enjoy our Golden Time session on Fridays.  We will also be introducing our GROW awards.  More information on these will come to you soon.  All of these feed into the school’s Golden Goals:

Year 5…
…are ready to LEARN
…are SAFE
…RESPECT everybody and everything.

We have chosen an interesting and relevant topic for this term.  As the title ‘Lest we forget’ suggests we are going to be looking at both World War 1 and World War 2 exploring the similarities and differences between these two challenging times in our history.  We are planning to contribute to something amazing to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice.

It is really important that your child continues to read to an adult at home for at least 10 minutes every day & that this is recorded in their reading records. Although your child may be free-reader, having the opportunity to discuss what they have read will really support your child’s comprehension & inference skills and deepen their understanding of language. We have found that engaging with children about their books nurtures a love of reading which has many positive effects on their written & spoken language.
Finally, Year 5 will have TWO PE lessons a week – Monday & Thursday.  Please support them in remembering their kit for every lesson.  They can bring their kit in on Monday and take it home on Friday if that helps.  Then they also have trainers in school should we do the Golden Mile.

We look forward to sharing your child’s successes with you this year, of which we are sure there’ll be many!  Watch out for lots of regular updates on this page.

Mr Rose, Mrs Whitford, Miss Fowler & Mrs Wilson