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Teacher in charge: Mrs Michelle Pearse 

Supported by: Miss Davis , Miss Winter, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Moss, Miss Hosier, Miss Emma Johnson, Miss Cuddihy, Mrs Smith and Mrs Tytherleigh

We begin every morning with a familiar, relaxing acitivty in the unit to make sure we are ready for the day. After that, we go to our classroom with an adult who helps us with our learning. 

On a Thursday, we go horse riding at RDA in Hampstead Norrys. Our riding lessons are fun. We are learning to ride horses and also to follow instructions from our instructor.

On a Wednesday afternoon we have Art for Well-being with Sarah as well as other interventions and therapies that we need to help us with our regulation and learning.

We enjoy spending time in the Sensory room where we have lots of different textures to touch as well as light up toys and cushions. 

We spend as much time in our classrooms as possible but we can also work in the unit.

Remote Learning Support for Parents of children who have SEND

Children who have SEND have a wide range of specific needs and we recognise that some pupils may have needs, which cannot easily be met in our remote learning offer. Fir Tree School are however, committed to ensuring that we provide you with as much support as possible in the current circumstances.

This will mean individualised planning in some cases and will be dependent on individual circumstances for learning at home. 

Supporting growth in confidence will be a key factor in preparing work for your child. 

A member of staff from school will make contact with you and your child each week to ensure your child is accessing their learning or to provide more support, if required. This may be the class teacher or a member of the support staff who has been working with them during the autumn term.

You may also contact Mrs Michelle Pearse, the school’s SENDCo, if you have concerns regarding your child.

There are a number of organisations who have put together ‘Remote Learning Support’ for parents of children who have special educational needs and disabilities, some of which may be helpful to you.

SEND Bitesize for Parents:


Ideas to structure the day for your child:

  1. Make a visual timetable: Visual Timetable
  2. Build in lots of Brain breaks during the day.  

Don’t expect your child to concentrate for too long without a break

  1. Learning is not just about sitting, listening to the teacher or filling in a worksheet. If your child has an  interest in something, try to let them learn through that interest.

This could be using Lego or researching a planet or their favourite animal. Use the outside environment too.

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