Year 5 - Rowan

Welcome to Year Five - Rowan Class

Class Teacher: Miss Sophie Burton

Supported by: Ms Victoria McNally & Mrs Cherie Funderburg (am)


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In Year 5 we,
…are ready to LEARN
…are SAFE
…RESPECT everybody and everything.


I am very excited to welcome all the children into Year 5!


In Year 5 we are VERY passionate about books! It is really important that your child continues to read to an adult at home for at least 10 minutes every day & that this is recorded in their reading records. Although your child may be free-reader, having the opportunity to discuss what they have read will really support your child’s comprehension & inference skills and deepen their understanding of language. We have found that engaging with children about their books nurtures a love of reading which has many positive effects on their written & spoken language. Children will be given rewards for their reading.


Our first topic of the term is World War 2, where children will be learning about key events that happened during this time. Other topics we will be covering throughout the year are Sustainability, the Viking & Anglo-Saxons, rivers and North America. Within these topics there will be plenty of opportunities for children to be creative and produce some fantastic pieces of work. Please talk to your children about what they have been learning about in class, as this will only help them retain what they have learnt.


Homework will be set on a Friday based on the work they have been completing during the week, this needs to be handed in on Wednesday. In addition to the main piece of homework children will have arithmetic and times table practice. Please support your child by ensuring that they have a quiet area to complete their work and it is done at a time when they are feeling fresh. If there is a problem with the homework, please do not hesitate to contact me for guidance.


Finally, Year 5 will have TWO PE lessons a week – Tuesday & Wednesday.  Please support them in remembering their kit for every lesson. Children MUST bring their PE kits into school on a Monday and take home on a Friday.


We look forward to sharing your child’s successes with you this year, of which I am sure there’ll be many!  


Miss Burton

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